Aking Senakulo 

In a church, the golden light hits a figure’s wing scars. Their rosary sways from one hand, as sounds of leather against skin rings throughout the air. As they reach the altar on their knees, their hands come together in lieu of prayer. They find themselves transported to a place where they share food offerings and intimate touches with another being.

This is the synopsis of Dela Peña's most recent work, although this merely scratches the surface of the film.

Aking Senakulo  explores themes of queerness, isolation, belonging, and indigenous Filipino ancestry.

Written and Directed by - Jela Dela Peña
Cast - Coco Mariano and Veronica Jane Bertiz
Director of Photography - Emma Khoury
Assistant Director - Alexandrine Khoury
Camera Operator - Lucile Parry-Canet
Gaffer - Lucile Parry-Canet
Swing Gang - Michael Levy-Galdino and Aiden Wagner
Production Design - Khushi Chavda and Adrien Siegel
Costume and Makeup - Giang Huong Pham
Picture Editor- Jela Dela Peña
Sound Editor - Saski Miller
Music Composer - Alexandre Vachon and Olivier Alary
Producer - Evgeny Patvakanov

With the help of Fine Arts Students Association (FASA Concordia), Sustainability Action Fund (SAF Concordia), Concordia University Television (CUTV), Created From Scratch (CFS), and Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema with Professor Marianna Milhorat

This screening was in collaboration with SHIFT Concordia, a space for supporting existing and emerging social transformation initiatives at Concordia University and in Montreal. 

The next screening of this film will be at BADING Film Festival this March 2024.

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You may also contact Dela Peña for any questions. 

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